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Ironmongery Used For Security
18" Tee Hinges with Rim Lock and Bolts

The 'From the Anvil' architectural handmade ironmongery collection includes Suffolk latches, Tee hinges, Strap hinges, door handles, knobs, knockers and window furniture.

The restoration of an old property is a project requiring attention to detail. Cottages, farmhouses, period townhouses and barn conversions all have individuality and character that deserve to be preserved.

All of the items in the collection 'From the Anvil' shown here have been drawn and hand forged in the traditional fashion, and the designs are faithful reproductions of the best in English blacksmithing. These classic designs continue to be in great demand because of their timeless appearance and functionality and are ideally suited for listed and period properties.

Each fitting is given a beeswax finish ensuring a long lasting authentic patina and is individually handmade, adding a unique charm to any property.


Q. Are the screws supplied?
A. Yes - they are traditional, slotted, bees-waxed screws to match the fittings.

Q. Can I use the beeswax product outside?
A. Not really - you can use the powder coated items outside.

Q. What size Tee hinges do I use?
A. As a general rule, the hinges should reach two thirds of the way across the door. For example - for a 2'6" door use an 18" hinge.

Q. When making ledged and braced doors do the rosehead nails clench over?
A. Yes, this is the most traditional way, just relying on the strength of the nail - no glue needed.

Q. Can I fix latches and hinges with rosehead nails?
A. Yes - screws are supplied but rosehead nails can be purchased by the kilo and have to be cut down to fit some items.

Q. How secure is the rim lock with cast iron cover?
A. This is purely a decorative lock, ideal for internal doors. For external doors, additional security is necessary, e.g. 6" bolts or 5 lever deadlock and escutcheon.

Q. Are the mortice knobs sprung?
A. No, they require a heavy duty latch or lock.

Q. Does the cottage latch have a shaft going through it?
A. Yes, it has a shaft with a simple ring on the other side.

Q. Are hinges and mortice knobs sold singly?
A. No, they are only sold in pairs.

Visit the From the Anvil website for more information

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